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October 10th, 2008

Eric cancelled his bowel surgery

Hi my friend,

A reader (Emmie) from my own town of Syracuse, NY wrote in
today telling me that she's seeing a colon specialist on
the 22nd of this month for her diverticulitis. 

Emmie said they want to take out part of her colon and
she's scared.

I don't blame her one bit.  I'd be petrified.

To Emmie, (and everyone else in the same boat as her),
know this:  There is still hope for you! 

Here's why: 

Although your doctor won't tell you this or even
acknowledge it's true, your diet has caused the
diverticulosis pouches to form.  Plain and simple.

Acidy, mis-combined foods can't be digested well by the
stomach, and the wastes from those foods get stuck in the
colon, resulting in feces build-up, constipation, straining
and PAIN.

And voila--you have diverticulosis. 

It's not hard to imagine how one or more of the
diverticulosis pouches gets infected (and becomes
diverticulitis).  The toxins and bacteria from the built-
up, slow moving wastes sit there in the colon and are a
perfect breeding ground for infection to form.

Removing part of the colon is only a band-aid approach
because unless you eliminate the CAUSE of the
diverticulosis/itis to begin with (by changing the way you
eat), it will continue to happen again and again, no matter
how much of the colon gets taken out.

But here's the good news:  The body is an incredible
machine that responds instantly to dietary changes.

Our bodies are alkaline, so they need mainly alkaline
foods to be healthy. 

And our stomachs function best when the combinations of
foods we eat together use complimentary enzymes for
digestion.  Better digestion means feces passing through
the intestines easier, more regular bowel movements, no
straining and no pain.  Simple.

That's what Great Taste No Pain can teach you, and more. 
- http://www.greattastenopain.com/great.asp

The manual "Foods That Create Acid, Foods That Take It
Away" spells out which foods are acid and which are
alkaline, so you know which foods to eat more of.

"How To End Stomach Pain Forever, Even If Your MD Says,
'No Way!'" lays out the few simple principles that you'll
need to know to correctly combine your foods, and explains
the science behind why they work. 

Yes, there is a science behind these principles--they were
originally incepted by a doctor back in 1910 who cured
himself of an almost always fatal kidney disease eating
this way. 

And since then they've helped hundreds of thousands of
other people around the world--including myself--to get rid
of digestive problems for good--without surgery.

There are 2 reasons why you won't hear any of this from
your doctor:

1) If everyone learned these principles, there would be no
need for all the doctors and people would not need most of
the drugs on the market.  Surgery & drugs, however, make
tens of billions in profits every year. So their policy is

2) 99.9% of conventional doctors are not trained in
nutrition, wellness and prevention of disease.  And they
couldn't define what healthy eating is if their lives
depended on it.

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Now, even if your doctor has said the knife is your only
option, that might not be true.  It's NOT TOO LATE to help
to your body by eating what I'm teaching in Great Taste No

We've had clients who have had such drastic improvements
that they have been able to cancel their already-scheduled
bowel surgeries after following the guidelines laid out in
Great Taste No Pain.
- http://www.greattastenopain.com/great.asp  No kidding.

And even if the surgery is done...it's essential to do
what I teach in Great Taste No Pain to prevent any relapses
or worsening of the diverticulosis/itis...and heaven
forbid, more surgery.

Get it.  Use it.  I know you'll be thanking your lucky
stars you did.

To your health,

Sherry Brescia

PS: Here is one client who canceled his bowel surgery
after using Great Taste No Pain:


Dear Sherry,

No doubt in my mind that it was Divine Providence that
your amazing diet and wonderful cookbook offer caught my

For the past seventeen years, off and on, I have suffered
from bouts of diverticulitis, to the point that I was
"sick" and on almost total bed rest for weeks on end.  My
own medical doctor would give me the usual treatment of
heavy anti-biotics, clear diet (broth/jello) until things
would "settle down." 

Never once did he inform me that it was my poor choices in
not only what I was eating, but as important - what I was
eating together.

My last bout of the diverticulitis was no sooner "treated"
the traditional way when it came back with a vengeance on
the rebound - the very first time I unknowingly violated
your common sense rules on eating and dietary choices. 

Since ordering your book (and listening to Mike's Think
Right Now CD's on diet and healthy eating) I have not had
an episode of diverticulitis, needed any medication for
"treating" it, lost weight without any hunger and most
importantly - canceled my surgery for bowel

I am well on my way to regaining an Alkaline/Acid balance
that will support long term vitality by following your

In a way I feel if I should be mad at my doctor for not
knowing the importance of eating properly and what never
to mix together, but then I realize he was never really
trained in health - his skills are in treating sickness -
which means drugs and then surgery when the drug protocol
invariably fails. 

God has given us all brains and we need to train those
brains to seek natural remedies for the many illnesses
that confront our society. 

Your insights into diets, proper food orders and delicious
recipes should be mandatory study in medical schools - then
we would have a lot more "health care professionals"
treating us proactively in good health and nutrient habits
and less drugs and surgery.  Wouldn't that do wonders for
the national health care cost that are running our national
budget into the red?


Eric Bower


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- http://www.greattastenopain.com/great.asp 

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